Racing, training, and recreational shells make up the Florida Rowing Center’s first class fleet. Whatever your skill level we have a shell to meet your needs. Our boathouse contains 25 singles, a double, and a wide variety of racing oars and blade designs. At the end of each season, we sell the Florida Rowing Center boats at a reduced rate. This allows members of the rowing community to purchase quality shells and insures that we have new boats every season.

 Our Fleet:

Fluidesign: Midweight single.

Hudson Boatworks: Great White S1-41, S1-21, and S1-11 singles

Peinert Boatworks: Peinert X25 lightweight singles, Peinert 26 midweight to heavyweight singles, Dolphin and Zephyr recreational singles

Wintech: Exp. 24 C recreational single

Van Dusen Racing Boats: Advantage Flyweight single.

Maas Rowing Boats: Aero, Maas 24, and Maas Flyweight recreational singles plus a Maas double 

Alden: Star recreational singles

Echo Open Water Rowing Shells

Concept2 Dreissigacker Oars: All blade designs.

Croker Oars: S2 and S2 Slick blade designs

Dreher Oars: Apex blades



Florida Rowing Center boats are for sale at a discounted rate and available in early May. Updated 11 March 2016

2015 Peinert Dolphin 1x, White hull with red deck, Price: $4720.50

2015 Van Dusen Advantage 1x, Red hull, Lightweight (140-175 lbs), Price: 11,250.00

2014 Fluidesign 1x, Dark Super Lightweight (145-180 lbs), Price: $8500.00

2012 Swift 1x, Club Ali Wing Rigger, White, Midweight (154-183 lbs), Price: $3500.00


A deposit of $500 per shell is required to reserve a shell. Delivery to certain east coast locations can be arranged for a fee $350 per boat; $300 per boat for two or more boats traveling on the same trailer.

A staff member will return your message.

Gordon Hamilton

Florida Rowing Center
Attn: Boat Sales
11924 W. Forest Hill Blvd.
Suite 22-326
Wellington, FL 33414



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