Articles by Marlene Royle


Flexibility: Active-Isolated Stretching: Part one


Flexibility: Active-Isolated Stretching: Part two


Mindful Breathing


The straight truth on posture


dock talk: Sculling Intro


Bladework: Taking the water


Bladework: Spring Clean up


Marlene Royle was the head coach at the Florida Rowing Center from 2005-2009. Currently, she is on the FRC coaching staff part-time through the season. She is writes the column "Training" for Rowing Magazine.

Books by Marlene are available through

Tip of the Blade: Notes on Rowing: © 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4196-9386-1. Pages 416.
Skillful Rowing: ©2002, ISBN 1-84126-084-3. Pages 182




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